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Smart Bedwetting Alarm / Alarm Buyers Guide

Bedwetting Alarm Buyers Guide

You wear many hats to strike the right balance between work and home. Well, we can’t help you with everything, but we made dealing with bedwetting easier. Here are some ideas and tips to better manage bedwetting.

About Bedwetting

Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is unintentional, passage of urine during sleep at night after the age when a child should have the ability to control his/her bladder when it is full. Bedwetting is a common problem in children, especially those less than 6 years old. About 13% of 6 year old children wet the bed while about 5% of 10 year old still wet the bed. In adult bed wetters, that number is even larger.


Choosing a Bedwetting Alarm

One of the most effective ways to overcome your child’s bedwetting problem is to choose a bedwetting alarm also known as enuresis alarm. The bed wetting device helps children by using a behavioral treatment. When the child starts to wet the bed the sensor detects the urine and the alarm sound wakes up the child and then the child empties his or her bladder into the toilet.


How to Stop Bedwetting

Got a bed wetter? It can be very frustrating and embarrassing, but it’s actually very common problem with approximately 5 to 7 million children in U.S alone that wet the bed every night. Many teens have bedwetting issue and adults face lot of problem when they have to deal with this unwanted situation.


Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence is a common problem faced by children, teens and adults. The condition can be embarrassing and inconvenient. It can interfere with the daily activities of a person. There are several different incontinence options to choose from finding the right product by knowing what suits your specific needs.


Enuresis Alarm

An enuresis alarm is a great way to help a bedwetter stop wetting the bed at night. The two most popular enuresis alarms are wearable and bedside alarms. Smart enuresis alarms are recommended for children, teens and adult bed wetters. Learn more about our enuresis alarm.


Washable Bed Pads

Protect your expensive mattress with washable bed pads. These bed pads are designed to absorb large amount of urine without leaking and protect your mattress better than plastic mattress sheet protectors. They are washer and dryer friendly and come in a variety of sizes.


Bedwetting Solutions

There are many bedwetting solutions aimed to stop bed wetting in children, teenage bedwetting and top help adult bed wetting. Although many solutions exist, the preferred solution to stop bedwetting is to use a bedwetting alarm possibly along with bedwetting medication.