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Bedwetting Solutions

Smart Bedwetting Alarm / Bedwetting Solutions

Bedwetting Solutions

There are many bedwetting solutions aimed to stop bed wetting in children, teenage bedwetting and top help adult bed wetting. Although many solutions exist, the preferred solution to stop bedwetting is to use a bedwetting alarm. Alarms are widely recommended by doctors to stop bedwetting and several insurance companies will cover the cost of a bedwetting alarm. Below, we discuss various bedwetting solutions, many of which can be easily purchased in online and retail stores.


Bedwetting Alarm

Alarms are the most widely recommended bedwetting solutions. The two most common types of bedwetting alarms are wearable alarms and bedside alarms. Wearable alarms are recommended for children and teens. The alarm consists of a clip sensor which is connected outside the underwear at the point of urination. The alarm unit is clipped on the t-shirt top. On detecting urine, the alarm will vibrate and beep to alert the user. The bedside alarm is usually recommended for older bedwetters including the treatment of teenage bedwetting and adult bed wetting. The urine sensor is a large mat on which the bedwetter sleeps and the alarm unit is placed on the bedside for comfort and convenience.

At the Smart store, you can purchase both the Smart wearable bedwetting alarm and the bedside bedwetting alarm.


The Smart wearable alarms is recommended to stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers. The alarm is placed close to the child’s chest where it is easily heard. On detecting urine, the alarm alerts the user with loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibrations. The alarm is designed for children ages 5 and older.


BUY NOW – $79.99


For adult bed wetters and teenage bedwetting, the Smart bedside alarm is recommended. This alarm offers unparalleled comfort and convenience and the user has no wires on the body at night. The alarm alerts the user with loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibrations and awakens them on detecting urine.


BUY NOW – $89.99


Bed Wetting Sheets

At the Sart store, you can shop a variety of bed wetting sheets for users of all ages. The most popular bed wetting sheets are the quilted waterproof sheet, the reversible sheet and the bamboo sheet. The bed wetting sheets come in various sizes for most bed types and are machine washable and dryer friendly. These bed wetting sheets can typically absorb and hold up to 6 cups of urine, much more than an adult bladder and prevent the mattress from stains and spills.


Bedwetting Medication

No medication stops bedwetting, they only treat the symptoms. Doctors usually prescribe a bedwetting medication in conjunction with a bedwetting alarm. This is generally used to speed up the process. Bedwetting medication can prevent urine production in large quantities and limit bedwetting at night. However once the medication is stopped, bedwetting returns and many children relapse after the bedwetting medication has been discontinued. There are also some side effects of bedwetting medication. Only a doctor is qualified to determine if a bedwetting medication are the right treatment option and do so on a case by case basis. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of bedwetting medication.


Bedwetting Diapers

Bedwetting diapers are widely used bedwetting solutions. They are used by children, teens and adults and freely available in many online and retail stores. Bedwetting diapers come in many sizes and are also commonly called pull-ups. They are comfortable and close fitting. They are designed for children as well as adult men and women. Most bedwetting diapers are disposable but recently, environment conscious individuals have switched to reusable cloth based bedwetting diapers. They hold urine well and prevent leakage, but they do not train the brain to stop bedwetting.


Bedwetting Hynosis

There is little evidence that bedwetting hypnosis actually does work. Some clinics and individuals offer these services, but it is uncertain how and why they work (if they do). Many doctors recommend to say away from bedwetting hypnosis and instead use a combination therapy comprising of bedwetting alarm and bedwetting medication.


Urine & Mattress Stain Removers

Available at the Smart alarm store are a number of urine stain removers. They come in portable and full size packages. They start working on contact with urine and eliminate the bacteria that causes stains and odor. Urine stain removers are widely purchased bedwetting solutions in conjunction with bed wetting sheets.