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Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Smart Bedwetting Alarm / Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

By Eirik

5 out of 5
This product has literally been a lifesaver. I am a caregiver and was up and down each night with my daughter. She wets her bed often. I could not get a decent night's sleep because I had to change her bed after each bedwetting accident. I bought this bedside alarm so she can sleep without worrying about her wetting issues. This mat works well, the alarm is loud enough to wake me and her but not disturb the rest of the house. Now she can go to the bathroom the moment she gets alert and I also do not get disturbed night sleep.

By A.K.L.

5 out of 5
Highly recommended if you have a teen with bedwetting problems.Worked fast with lasting results.

By Kari Ann Lian

5 out of 5
I’ve gotten the best nights of sleep since I've purchased this bedside alarm.

By Margrethe

4 out of 5
This is a great bed alarm for my 7-year old son. This alarm is taking more care for his bedwetting issue then even I can. Highly recommended.

By Nils

5 out of 5
Within a month of use we are off the alarm and within in 2 weeks we had all dry nights.

By Ms. Hunter

5 out of 5
Worked perfectly for my 13 year old. Was thinking that her teenage bedwetting would never end, but thanks to the Smart bedside alarm, she isn't wetting the bed anymore. Was used for 8-9 weeks and she has not wet the bed since last 5 months. We are extremely happy with this alarm.

By Ingvild

5 out of 5
My son just turned 9 and was getting very frustrated with constant bedwetting. No more! Thank you!!

By Glenn

5 out of 5
I am not exaggerating when I write that this product worked perfectly for my teen age and that, in under three weeks, my daughter no longer wets the bed. She hasn't used the alarm for two weeks and has had no accidents.

By Tomtom

4 out of 5
Works great!!! It's easy to use. We have always struggled with my teen son’s bedwetting issue and never gotten results until we used this magical alarm that worked in two weeks and made my son get up dry every morning and me a happy mom.

By John

5 out of 5
We used this with my almost 7-year-old son. In a week, he was waking up dry at night. We are only in the second week, and OMG it is working great. He is still wearing the alarm at night and is proud of himself for waking up dry. It's easy to use even by child. My son is able to do most of it by himself. We just love it.
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