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Smart Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Smart Bedwetting Alarm / Smart Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Smart Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Read Smart Bedwetting Alarm Reviews and see what makes Smart the Best Bedwetting Alarm. These Smart Bedwetting Alarm Reviews have been collected from a number of sources and are written by parents who have used the Smart Alarm.


By B. Chaudhry

Five Stars
5 out of 5
My 12 year old son sleep like the dead, it's the only alarm that never failed to wake him up.No more wetting the bed after using it only for one week.

By Theresa

Best alarm ever!
5 out of 5
Wakes up my 10 year old and nothing usually wakes her up :) Easy to use and set up. Love it.

By Inger

Great item and reasonable price
5 out of 5
Great item and reasonable price. Easy to set up and use. Alarm has loud volumes which is nice. Would purchase again if ever needed.

By May

Five Stars
5 out of 5
it’s awesome and works great I highly recommend it

By Ingrid

Works well, great product!
5 out of 5
Meets my expectations in every ways. Thanks for helping us keep my precious little angle free from night time bedwetting forever.

By Chris

Works as promised
5 out of 5
We purchased this alarm because our 5 year old is such a heavy sleeper, and he was frequently wet through the night. During the first few nights, the alarm would wake me up and I would run to find that it was too late, he was already wet. But I would bring him to the bathroom anyway and did that consistently for a few nights. After that, the alarm started waking him up and he started going to the bathroom on his own. After about a week, he was completely dry through the night! He has even stopped wearing the alarm and is still dry through the night.

By Eirik

Awesome product with great results
5 out of 5
This product has worked wonders for us and I have already recommended it to my friends whose son is having the same trouble.

By Sasha

Great for hard sleepers
5 out of 5
My 7 year old deep sleeper son was continually having accidents through the night. It took less than 2 weeks of wearing this for him to stop wetting the bed. I highly recommend it!

By Veronica

5 out of 5
The alarm is the best way to go if dealing with bed wetting, and has a nice tone and the alarm itself looked nice so l didn't have hard time to convince my son to wear it, customer service also are very professional and try to work on your questions or concerns and solve'em right away,

By Cecilie

Works beautifully
5 out of 5
So far so good. We've been using it for only a week, but we haven't had to change the sheets get. I think we are on our way to a consistently dry bed.
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